Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 17 to February 23

Sunday February 17, 2012
Went to Mass at 10:30 and had breakfast at BH. Carmel & Lou, Mary and Judy came to view the jewellery right after (12:30). Aunt Gayle arrived as they left and we had a nice visit and a cup of tea. Laurie arrived as Gayle was leaving and we had more tea. Diane and Rod arrived as Laurie was leaving. Hadn't seen them in ages and it was a great visit. Nancy came and Marg. They all left together at 5:30 and Meghan and I made Spanish Rice for supper. TJ and Grandpa went shopping for ingredients for potato soup for lunch tomorrow. Meghan did very well in jewellery sales.
Monday February 18, 2013
Meghan made potato soup for us for lunch and it was delicious. TJ helped Grandpa move the bed and TV out of our bedroom. I gave TJ his birthday gift early and sent Paul's home with them. They left after lunch. Chris came and looked at the bedroom and will help us get it ready to paint. We had coffee at BH. We will sleep in the middle bedroom till ours is done. My right knee is acting up and it is hard to walk.
Tuesday February 19, 2013
Went to work and took Fr. to lunch for his birthday. Chris came and worked on stripping the walls of the bedroom. Knee bad.
Wednesday February 20, 2013
Work as usual. John took Lori into the tax department. Chris back to work on the walls. Went to the bank and signed the papers for my direct investment TFSA and got on line banking.
Thursday February 21, 2013
John getting busy, lots of people and phone calls. Went to the Home  Hardware store and bought the paint for the bedroom Beauti-Tone Designer Heritage Colour HD038 Summerside. White for the ceiling and same blue only a gloss for the trim. Had coffee at BH. John has Lion's business meeting tonight.
Friday February 22, 2013
John W. and Philip's birthday. Should have been pay day but my books are in for year end. Went to lunch at BH. Work on the bedroom is coming along. Wallpaper is off. knee sore.
Saturday February 23, 2013
Gayle's birthday. John called her. Chris here working at 9 :(. Went to Mass at 5 and went to Doug & Laurie's to see their Italy pictures. Jack & Nancy there too. They showed them on their Wii and it is a nice effect the way they zoom in and out.

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